Students Corner

An educational institution, at the outset, can reach the fulfillment of its purpose with students as its backbone. With an earnest zeal to hallmark the inculcation, SCC has given due preference to students. All progress works have been promoted keeping the all-round development of a student's personality. The academic excellence together with a great emphasis on research and development has been the prime motto.

Co-curricular and cultural activities have been initiated to make an atmosphere ideal for student's growth. The stage has been set to make the student's dream of success a reality. Students have participated in various inter college competitions and won prizes.

Students are given continuous support by Faculty to achieve distinction in University level. They have expressed their utmost satisfaction about the faculty and infrastructure.

Code of conduct for students.

All the students have the equal right to an equal opportunity

  • To learn
  • To privacy and confidentiality
  • To appropriate complaints procedures those are clearly defined and easily accessible.
  • To timely and fair resolution of issues.
  • Students are expected to treat all other students and staff with respect, dignity, courtesy and sensitivity.
  • Students are expected to maintain a collaborative and co-operative approach.
  • Students should behave in a manner which does not adversely affect the freedom of other members of the community to pursue their studies, duties, or activities.
  • Students should comply with directions given by the college to promote the good order and management
  • Students should avoid discriminatory conduct on grounds such as gender, race, ability, cultural background, religion, age and political conviction.
  • Students should avoid disrupting or interfering with any teaching, learning or other academic activity of the college.
  • Students should not engage in unlawful behaviour.
  • Students should not use or supply of any prohibited weapon in the college.
  • Students should not use college name, reputation or property for private purpose.
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