Internal Quality Assurance Cell

The primary aim of the IQAC is to develop a system for conscious, consistent and catalytic action to improve the academic and administrative performance of the institution.


  • To organise Faculty Development program every Year.
  • To review student performance in CIE tests for all depts.
  • To organise conferences and workshops.
  • To organise guest lectures on various topics.
  • To periodically carry out extra - curricular activities through NSS, NCC, YRC etc..
  • To achieve 100% campus placement of eligible and interested candidates.


  • Prof. Therese Francis

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"TO CREATE GLOBALLY COMPETENT CITIZENS WHO THINK GLOBALLY AND ACT LOCALLY. MISSION OF THE INSTITUTION:- "To create leaders through holistic education. Our holistic education fosters the following core values in our students."

  • Intellectual enlightenment
  • Moral uprightness
  • Spiritual orientation
  • Social commitment
  • Emotional balance

The Institution started in the year 2005, with a B.Com course with the vision of providing world class infrastructure for learning research and application to knowledge, its mission is to enable the students to face healthy challenges and competitions and ensure rewards to everyone i.e., students, teachers, trustees and society at large, and create leaders through holistic education. There is a compelling need to evolve a more holistic approach and enriching blend of academic along with value initiatives. In order to fulfill the vision and mission, the institution has conducted many number of programmes, including value added programmes.

Disha is a one day workshop which was introduced in the College since the academic year 2013. The main objective of conducting this programme is to transform a student into a better individual by balancing body, mind and soul. Since 2013 in order to attain holistic approach to education every year, Disha workshop is done at College premises the session are designed to enhance physical and intellectual quotient.

About Disha:-

It consist of 8 sessions, The first session comprises Introduction of the workshop, Second session comprises yoga and pranayama, yoga is done in order to enhance the physical quotient. In the third session group counseling is done, the main aim of conducting this session is to enhance the emotional quotient of the students. During the fourth session quiz is conducted on country and culture, this session is done in order to enhance the intellectual quotient of an individual. Fifth session focuses more on creating a sense of social responsibility among the students. Interactive session is done through audio and visual tools. The sixth session speaks about life and its purpose which helps to understand the real purpose of life and “the path to success”. During seventh session games are conducted to reduce stress, finally message is given to the students to carry along.

Value Added Programme:-

The Institution has also introduced “value added programme” The main objective of this programme is

  • To provide job related knowledge
  • To bring about change in the attitude of the students
  • To improve productivity

The College functions under various committees, students are trained to take part in various inter collegiate competitions in events like paper presentation, Mad adds, Sports events and cultural events. The students take part in various outreach programmes through NSS, YRC, NCC echo club, women forum also.

The study centres like Swamy Vivekananda, Mahatma Gandhiji and Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Study centre have been set up in the College. It focuses on increasing the values of the students and inculcates moral values in their lives and helps them to grow as a better citizen.

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