The faculty members are the pillars of SCC. They are well-qualified, inspiring, assiduous and efficient. Their goal is to enhance the all-round personality development of the every student making them successful individuals. Considerable opportunities are provided to bring out the hidden talents in Academics and Sports to build the confidence of the students to enable them for a bright career ahead.

Code Conduct for Employee

1. Every employee, shall at all times.

  • Maintain absolute integrity.
  • Maintain devotion to the duty and
  • do nothing which is unbecoming of an employee of an educational institution.

2. No employee shall, in the performance of his official duties on the exercise of powers conferred on him, act otherwise than his best judgment except when he is acting under the direction of his official superior and shall, where he is acting under such direction obtain the direction in writing where practicable, and where it is not practicable to obtain written confirmation of the direction as soon as there after as possible.

Professional Duties

Every employee shall,

  • Be punctual in attendance in respect of his work and any other work connected with the duties assigned to him by the head of institutions.
  • Abide by the rules and regulations of the institution and show due respect to constituted authority.

No employee shall,

  • Knowingly or willfully neglect his duties.
  • While on duty in the institution, absent himself(expect with the previous permission of the head of the Institution) from the institution.
  • Remain absent from the Institution without leave or without the previous permission of the head of the Institution.
  • Show sustained neglect in correcting class work or home work done by students.
  • Indulge in, or encourage, any form of malpractice connected with examinations or any other school activity.
  • Accept private tuition other than in accordance with the same conditions and restrictions as are applicable to a Government teacher.
  • Prepare or publish any book or books, commonly known as keys, or assist, whether directly or indirectly, in their publication without the permission of management.

3. Communal Activity-No Employee Shall,

  • Practice, propagate or incite any student to practice, propagate, castesim, communal or sectarian activity or Untouchablility.
  • Discriminate against any person on the ground of caste,creed ,language,place of origin,social and cultural background or any of them.

4. Behaviour in Public-No Employee Shall,

  • Misbehave with or ill treat any parent, guardian, student, teacher or other employee of the Institution.
  • Behave or encourage or incite any student, teacher or other employee to behave in a rowdy or disorderly manner in the premises of the institution.
  • Indulge in any violence or any conduct which involves moral turpitude.
  • Organize or attend any meeting during the hours of the Institution except when he is required or permitted by the head of┬áthe Institution to do so.
  • Cause or incite any other person to cause, any damage to school property.

5. Demonstrations and Strikes-No Employee Shall

  • Engage himself or participate in any demonstration which prejudicial to the interest of the sovereignty and integrity of India,The security of the state, friendly relations with foreign states, public order, decency or morality, or which involves contempt of court,defamation or incitement to an offence , or
  • Resort to or in any way instigate, incite or abet, any form of strike by any number of employees.
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