Title of the practices:

Training & Development " Value Added Programme " .

Objectives of the paper:

University Curriculum provides only theory & Lacks practically

A student who is a raw product will become a complete package within 3 years & grows in all aspects through training. Training the students for 03 years would be an absolute game changer for students. Training impacts specific skills & Knowledge to the students like job skills, technical skills and commercial skills & shapes their attitude.

Value added programs are supplement to the curriculum of the University, in order to meet the demands of the industry.

The Context:-

Glisten project solutions Pvt. Ltd. came into existence in the year 2018-2019 & its been continued till date, the fees is collected along fees the main issue is related to motivate the students to attend training session.


I Semester Softskills, Aptitude & MOS
II Semester Advanced Excel, Softskills & Aptitude
III Semester Softskills, Aptitude and Advanced Tally
IV Semester Digital Marketing, Soft skills & Aptitude
V Semester Soft skills & Aptitude
VI Semester Pre placement Training & Tally Prim

Evidence Of Success

During the year 2019-20 Around 15 Students were placed in various Companies apart from critical hit of pandemic in the society year by year the college has intervened the growth of placement percentage.

Problems Encountered

Students were not in a position to face the interview, many students were not clearing even the first round, it was due to problems related to communication, mental ability & reasoning, aptitude, presentation skills etc..

The institution could encounter all these problems by providing Value added program which is conducted very smoothly & systematically.

Title of the practices:

" Book Kit "


Book kit facility is one among the Best practices of our institution, since 2015-16 till date. The main objective of this practice is to provide easy access of books to the students.

As soon as the student is admitted to the college, the Institution issues books for core papers to them, the students can keep the books with them till the end of the semester & return it after exams. Students can borrow other books through college library cards.

The Practice

Practice of book kit plays an important role in improving the quality of the students. Book kit facilities are also a boon to the students especially who come from poor financial background. The books which are offered to the students by the institution through book kit facilities are the updated version & cover the entire semester syllabus. The Student need not pay extra amt. for the books.

Problems Faced By The Students

A student who is financially backward, cannot afford to buy books for their own & study in these cases book kit practice serves as a blessing in disguise to the student. Book kit practices help the students to carry quality books to their home, have access to the book for 24/7.

Evidence Of Success

Book kit practices played an important role in improving the results of the students. During the academic year 2018-19, 5th & 6th Semester was 78% & 56% respectively. During the academic year 2019-20 the result was 84% in V Sem. & 90% in VI Sem.

The book kit facilities have proved to be successful & improved the results of the students.

Problems Encountered

Books related to the semester are purchased from publishers & issued to the students, the same books are re-issued by the next batch students. Authors and publishers are selected by the subject experts. The major problem is that a few students are not comfortable with books issued under book kit.

The aim of this institute is to supplement the theoretical information provided in the classrooms with practical observation and participation whenever possible. Thus, the college organizes visits to factories, stock exchange and other financial and commercial organisations.

College conducts the following add-on classes-

  • Advanced Mathematics Course
  • Personality Development Course
  • Communication Skills Course
  • Value added programmes
  • Spoken English Course
  • Coaching classes to take up competitive exams like IAS/ KAS/ Bank Exams

Remedial classes are conducted to those students who have backlog in any subject and to those who are poor performers in earlier courses

Program Outcome & Program Specific Outcome

Semester Sl. No Subject Objective Of Subject Knowledge & Skill Procurement
Ist Semester & IInd Semester 1 Financial Accounting To Acquaint students with Accounting Concepts , tools & techniques influencing business organization 1.Accounting Concepts & Conventions
2.Accounting Standards
3.Formats & problem solving on royalty , hire purchase , partnership A./cs
2 Indian Financial System To familiarize the students with regard to structure , organization & working of Financial System in India 1.Brief Awareness of Financial System of India
2.Information about Financial Institutions
3.Instruments & Services Opening DMAT A/C
3 Marketing & Services Management To familiarize the students with the principles of marketing & focus them towards Marketing & Management services 1.Knowledge about Marketing basics environment & Marketing Mix & Service sector management
2.Presentation on product life cycle
3.Develop an Advertisement copy
4 Corporate Administration To enable the students to get familiarized with the existing company law & secretarial practices 1.Knowledge about formation of a Company , Co- administration , corporate meetings
2.Drafting MOA , AOA , prospectus , Notices
5 Methods & Techniques of Business To provide basic knowledge of mathematics & their application to commercial situation 1.Problems on number system theory , theory of equations , matrices & determinants , commercial arithmetic progression
2.EMI calculations
3.Preparation of Matrix in Business problems
III Semester & IV Semester 1 Advanced Financial Accounting To Acquaint the students with few Accounting Standards & make them familiar with Accounting procedures for different types of business 1. Knowledge about preparation of consignment account , joint venture A/c & Branch A/c & Departmental A/c
2 Retail Management To enable students to acquaint skills in Retail Management 1.Learn basics of Retail Management , Retail life cycle , Indian retail scenario
2.EDI , Bar coding
3.Chart on store operations
4.Assignment on current trends in E- Banking
3 Banking Law & Operations To familiarize the students with the law & operations of banking 1. Impact knowledge on Negotiable Instruments
2.Banker - Customer relationships
3.Opening bank A/c
4 Quantitative Analysis for business decision To provide basic knowledge of statistics & their application of business situations 1.Problem solving skills on statistics tabulation of data
2.Measures of central tendency
3.Dispersion & Skewness
4.Index numbers
5 Corporate Accounting To enable students to have awareness about the provisions of the corporate accounts 1.To prepare Accounting statements of underwriting of shares , profits prior to incorporation
2.Problem solving on valuation of shares
3.Preparation of Company Accounts
6 Financial Management To enable the understanding of Basic concepts of Financial Management 1.Evaluation of the NPV of an investment of projects
2.EBIT Analysis
3.Capital Structure Analysis
4.Working capital Management
7 Business Ethics To give basic knowledge of business ethics & values , & its relevance in modern context 1.Awareness on business ethics , personal ethics , ethics in management
1 Quantitative Analysis for business decisions -II To familiarize with various statistical techniques of their applications in business decisions 1. Problem solving on correlation & regression analysis
2. Problems on time series interpolation & extrapolation
2 Public relations & corporate communication To create awareness among the students on the soft skills required to plan & pursue a career & empower them with employability skills 1. To impart awareness on attitude & emotional intelligence
2.To highlight on the role of vision , goal setting & time management
3 Advanced Corporate Accounting To enable the students to develop awareness about corporate accounting in conformity with the provision of Companies Act & latest amendments thereto of Accounting standards 1.Legal provision in respect of redemption of preference shares
2.Calculation of purchase consideration
3.List any 5 cases of amalgamation in nature of merger of acquisition of joint stock companies
4 Cost Accounting To familiarize students with various concepts & elements of cost 1.Introduction to cost accounting & cost sheet
2.Problem solving skills on material cost control
3.Labor cost control , overhead cost control
4.Preparation of cost sheet
5.Reconciliation of cost sheet
5 E- Business & Accounting To familiarize students with E- Commerce & Tally 1.To create awareness & impart knowledge & E- Commerce models , applications , trends & features
2.To give practical examples on hardware & software
6 Stock & Commodity Markets To provide students with conceptual framework of stock markets & community markets , functionaries in these markets & their mode of training 1.To give knowledge about stock market trading mechanisms , commodities market
2.Prepare the list of recognized stock exchanges in India
7 Principles of Event Management To provide students with a conceptual framework of event management & managing public relations 1.To create awareness & impact of knowledge on event management procedure ,public relations , corporate events etc.
1 Income Tax -I To expose the students to the various provisions of Income Tax Act 1961 relating to computation of income of individuals 1.Introduction to Income Tax legal framework , scheme of taxation
2.Awareness on exempted incomes
3.Residential status , income from salary & house property
4.Filling of Income tax returns
2 Costing Methods To familiarize the students on the use of cost accounting system in different nature of business 1.Introduction to costing methods
2.Problem solving on job & batch costing
3.Problems on contract costing , operation costing
4.Preparation of activity based cost statement
3 Entrepreneurship Development To enable students to understand the basic concepts of entrepreneurship & preparing a business plan to start a small industry 1.Introduce to students, entrepreneurship role , scope & significance
2.Awareness on SSIs, Formation of SSIs
3.Preparation of the Business plan
4.Teachings on project report to start a SSI Unit
4 International Financial Reporting Standards To enable the students to understand the need & method of presentation of financial reporting standards 1.Introduction to IFRS – theoretical study on IFRS standards , disclosures ,IAS ,IAs
2.Problem solving on Accounting for Assets & Liabilities
3.Presentation of financial statements
5 Specialization subjects
Advanced Accounting
To acquaint the students & make them familiar with the process & preparation of accounts of different types of organizations 1.Problem solving on Accounts of Banking companies , Insurance companies ,
2.Inflation Accounting
3.Farm Accounting
4.Investment Accounting
5.Preparation of different schedules with reference to final accounts of Banking companies
6 Goods & Services Tax To equip students with the principles & provisions of Goods & Services Tax [GST] 1. Introduce GST ,
2. Procedure & levy under GST
3. Procedure to levy CGST ,SGST
4. Input tax credit
5. Assessment & returns , GST & technology
1 Income Tax II To make the students to understand the computation of taxable income & tax liability of individuals 1.Problem solving on profit from business & profession
2.Income from other sources
3.Deductions from Gross total income
4.Filling of IT returns of individuals
5.Tables of rates of TDS
2 Management Accounting To enable the students to understand the analysis & interpretation of financial statements with a view to prepare management reports for Decision Making 1.Problem solving on comparative , common size & trend analysis
2.Problems on fundsflow & cashflow
3.Ratio analysis through implementation of liquidity , profitability & solvency ratios
3 Principles & practices of Auditing To impart knowledge about the principles & methods of auditing & their applications 1.To introduce on basis of auditing , types , trends
2.Knowledge about tax audit , cost audit , management audit
3.Visit an audit firm
4.Draft an investigation report
5.Record verification procedure
6.Draft an Audit program
4 Business Taxation To enable the students to understand assessment of firms & companies with regard to Income Tax Act 1961 & to study the other existing indirect tax , provisions on goods & services 1.Introduction to customs Act , Sales tax , Central Tax
2.Assessment of taxes
3.Assessment of Companies
4.Prepare the challan for payment of tax under existing laws or goods not covered under GST
5 Cost Management To enable the students to understand the techniques used top control as well as reduce the cost 1.Problem solving on cost control & cost reduction
2.Marginal costing ,standard costing ,Budgetary costing
3.Preparation of Income statement using absorption costing & marginal costing technique
4.Preparation of sales budget
6 Business Regulations To introduce the students to various business regulations & familiarize them with common issues of relevance 1.To introduce to students on business laws & Consumer laws,
2.Draft agreement , Digital Signature Certificate
3.Collect leading cyber – crimes cases & conduct group discussions
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